Starting A Home Business

Starting A Home Business

More people especially women have chosen to leave the world of employment and 9-5 working life in favor of starting their own business. There are lots of reasons for this including the financial aspect, but this isn’t the only reason work from home businesses have risen so dramatically.

Data shows that people starting their own business has risen around 42% since 2010. There are a number of reasons why it’s now become easier and less stressful to leave the world of 9-5 employment. The main reason seems to be flexibility and being able to have time at home with the children and have a career. Mom’s especially don’t want to leave their children for long periods of time and their past employment doesn’t always allow them to adapt and become more flexible.

The other motivation is being able to arrange a good work schedule around your family. When you work from home there is so much more flexibility around arranging times to work. The opportunities that arise when Moms are at home on maternity leave also present some of the great business ideas that have emerged, many women discover gaps in the market which allows them to start thinking and planning their business from home. The other huge motivation is child care, often child care can be a real struggle with many women finding they are just working to pay child care bills and when you add this to the stress of being away from home and family for long periods of time, it just doesn’t add up.

Many women often find that when they do return to paid employment after starting a family, they have to do so with less hours in order to be able to manage the demands of a family and a job/career. This means that they earn less money and often aren’t mentally challenged like they once were, this can lead to them no longer enjoying their job/career and spending the days longing to start their own business from home but sadly many women don’t take the first steps to starting their own business because they are afraid it may fail or they are worried about finances.

There is more help available now than there once was and the internet has made it very easy to promote and stay in touch with others in the same field. More women are thinking seriously about starting their own business and even if they are not ready to take the first steps, they are researching and connecting with others which is allowing them to go forward and plan making their dream a reality. Starting a business from home can be scary and I don’t think anyone finds themselves in a position where (they have it all) all of the time but the flexibility and the access the internet provides mean we are all one step closer to realizing our dreams and taking that first step. We all want to have the flexibility to spend time and care for our children but we don’t want to give up on our dreams at the same time and many people especially women are finding ways to do both.