Achieve a Freedom Lifestyle – Live Your Dream

Does you lifestyle and work life offer you the freedom you crave? Do you wish weekends would go on forever? With the new retirement laws how long will you have to work? Do you love your current job and line of work, is it a joy you return to refreshed after you weekend break? It would be good if we all had work that fulfilled all our needs, fired our passions and stress was a thing of the past.

We are at our caravan and every window I look out of I see trees fluttering in the breeze. As it is school holiday time many families are still here, whilst with a sad farewell wave others returned on Sunday nights for another work week.

I have found what is perfect for me – I work at home. My home can be anywhere, in fact we winter in the sun. I work on my laptop and with an internet connection I have time and location freedom. There are many online businesses you could choose to set up according to your skills and preferences. For me it is affiliate marketing, as I like sharing knowledge and great products with others.

As I am a bit of a self-taught technophobe I didn’t want anything difficult to master, I do love learning techniques to grow my business but I wanted it to be as simple as possible. I relish the peace of shutting my office door and working at home, no more office rules and constraints, yes you may miss the office chit chat, but we were too busy for much of that!

It is important to put in sufficient hours as it is easy to become side-tracked and enjoy your freedom too much, work to a plan and persist in your efforts. If you choose an area or niche you are passionate about this will fire your enthusiasm and keep you on-track.

I found the simplest way to begin online is working with a mentor, it is easy to flounder when attempting to work alone. You can get swamped with information overload and not know where to turn, who to ask, or what to learn next.

Affiliate marketing with a good mentor, one whose teaching style suits you and your experience. Someone who provides excellent products in a great range to keep you customers inspired and growing in their chosen interest. (Most niches offer good affiliate programs, make a Google search) However if you find a mentor you like, at the beginning working with the niche supplied can be easier, and branch out later when you know what you are doing.

With a mentor you will receive good training which enables you to start earning commissions whilst you are learning the necessary techniques. You can also enjoy the comradeship and help of others learning at the same time. You will feel part of a community of like-minded entrepreneurs. You will also work to a tried and tested formula that others have proven to work which boosts you confidence and helps you multiply your efforts.

Later when you are confident and able, you will be able to branch out into many areas of internet marketing according to your preferences. There are many millionaires in the industry and many part-time mum’s the choice is yours. I find working at home satisfying, peaceful and love the freedom, would it suit you? No more commuting, enjoy flexi-time with the family, and an interest to continue into retirement.

Now all this doesn’t happen overnight, so don’t sack the boss yet. begin in your spare-time, give up some TV! (Quote from “How to Boost Your Brain Power – conventional TV is believed to offer little stimulation for the mind.”)

Make a plan of how and when you can achieve your dream of time and location freedom. Watch some YouTube video’s for ideas, look at magazine racks for niches that interest you, and you are passionate about. Make some Google searches and you will be amazed at the numbers searching for ways to “work at home”. So whilst you have paid work to support you, make a decision to improve your future and live your dream.

It is a good idea to read some of the good motivational books available:

“Awaken the Giant Within” by Anthony Robbins

“Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill

“Do It – A Guide to Living your Dreams” by J Rodgers and P Williams